Sunday, 18 September 2011


She Ying: You have a nice layout because it's really simple and easy to understand! Though your URL is slightly disturbing.. I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS, especially because I'm a visual
learner and I understand pictures :)

Huiru: Simple blog theme, easy to read too! Slightly wordy and my eyes tend to glaze over after a while becauseihave a short attention sp- OOH A PIGEON HEY ITS A WALLING MARBLE

Clara: I love the details and the pictures of you making your modified recipe haha did it taste as good as it loooked? :P


Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me (reflections)

I learnt through this PT, that my diet actually fluctuates from day to day. Like for example, on friday (which was not reflected), I only ate a hardboiled egg, a cup of yami yogurt, and two sticks of teriyaki chicken (yes I do like my teriyaki chicken, and yes I have been patronizing ion's food basement). This is not good! I should eat more consistently (and healthily too!) 

One big problem is that even though I tried to start early, I started much later than expected because I kept forgetting to record my food intake over three consecutive days. (yes I am also rather absent-minded and hence should not be allowed into a kitchen. ooh look it's raining!)

My simple solution to eat healthierly: EAT HEALTHIERLY!


my one meal dish would be /drrrrrrrrumroll

Why? As noted in my last meal, actually I do somewhat eat the right proportion of things. (I'm telling you the tabulator results were inaccurate!) It's just that sometimes a little of this and that is lacking and for the last meal, definitely not enough veggies! Hence the suggestion for teriyaki chicken salad which like coffee, is three-in-one! It combines yummy leafy greens with tasty chicken topped off with crunchy crotons! (I sound like I'm doing a salad advertisement goodness!) However, to make it even healthier, I'm changing the teriyaki seasoning which tends to be rather salty and thus BAD for your health. Instead, have your chicken go COLD TURKEY- don't bother marinating it! Cook the chicken plain and juicy, just toss the chicken with the salad+dressing at the same time. This way, you use less utensils (ka-ching!), less sauce, (ka-ching!) and the salad still tastes good! (Y)

Unfortunately I was unable to make the salad but here's a lovely picture from the internet as a good example of how lovely your salad will look!


Down to the last day! HURRAH \o/

As the energy and nutrient composition tabulator has very little of the meals I actually ate and I do not want the (hopefully false) results to make me sad, I have decided once again to use the pyramid! Simple to use, easy to understand, and everyone is happee :>

My new best friend!

According to my best friend, I ate about 4-5 servings of carbo, only 2 servings of vegetables AND fruits in total (:<) and roughly 2 servings of meat and alternatives. Hey this seems like somewhat of an improvement in diet, although the veggie+fruit intake could be upped. (Though I would like to say that i usually eat my veggies, butbut this time it was bittergourd! Who eats those stuff?!)

Now for reflections+a healthy 1 dish meal... \o/ <-- "i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayo, my pt is almost finished!"