Sunday, 18 September 2011


Down to the last day! HURRAH \o/

As the energy and nutrient composition tabulator has very little of the meals I actually ate and I do not want the (hopefully false) results to make me sad, I have decided once again to use the pyramid! Simple to use, easy to understand, and everyone is happee :>

My new best friend!

According to my best friend, I ate about 4-5 servings of carbo, only 2 servings of vegetables AND fruits in total (:<) and roughly 2 servings of meat and alternatives. Hey this seems like somewhat of an improvement in diet, although the veggie+fruit intake could be upped. (Though I would like to say that i usually eat my veggies, butbut this time it was bittergourd! Who eats those stuff?!)

Now for reflections+a healthy 1 dish meal... \o/ <-- "i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayo, my pt is almost finished!"

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