Sunday, 18 September 2011


my one meal dish would be /drrrrrrrrumroll

Why? As noted in my last meal, actually I do somewhat eat the right proportion of things. (I'm telling you the tabulator results were inaccurate!) It's just that sometimes a little of this and that is lacking and for the last meal, definitely not enough veggies! Hence the suggestion for teriyaki chicken salad which like coffee, is three-in-one! It combines yummy leafy greens with tasty chicken topped off with crunchy crotons! (I sound like I'm doing a salad advertisement goodness!) However, to make it even healthier, I'm changing the teriyaki seasoning which tends to be rather salty and thus BAD for your health. Instead, have your chicken go COLD TURKEY- don't bother marinating it! Cook the chicken plain and juicy, just toss the chicken with the salad+dressing at the same time. This way, you use less utensils (ka-ching!), less sauce, (ka-ching!) and the salad still tastes good! (Y)

Unfortunately I was unable to make the salad but here's a lovely picture from the internet as a good example of how lovely your salad will look!

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